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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Crack!

Ah yes its true...I am on baby crack. Everytime I get an email about a new property being listed in the market we are looking in...I look to see if it is "baby/kid friendly." I however, am not ready for motherhood. I am not one of those women who as soon as they get married, and boom they are ready to be moms. (No offense to anyone of these women, I am in awe of every working mother/stay-at-home mom out there, I am a firm believer moms are SUPERMOM's). But lately, I think since I am nearing 28 and my 10 year high school reunion is in a few months, I feel like I'm behind in my life and need to catch up. (although I am not) I love planning my are some of my ideas...

I absolutely love this crib, its from, it is the Delta Stanford 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

I would want the Extra-Wide Kendall Dresser & Changing Table Topper from Pottery Barn Kids

Next I would like the Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase also from Pottery Barn Kids, hopefully my children will share my love for books

And no nursey is complete without a rocking chair

As my friends know...I am NOT a pink person...and would not wish it on my child, until they are old enough to decide if they like it or not...but I love my purples and greens and think that the Katie Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids would be perfect

and for a boy the Chase Nursery bedding, also from Pottery Barn Kids

Okay enough baby crack for now!

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