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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holiday

I know I have been absent for a long time. Work has kept me slammed. We have had hearing after hearing for weeks now so from prepping for that and other items at work that have kept me busy, needless to say I have not had much desire to get on a computer when I get home.

Today I had a half day due to the fact I took my mom to the doctor for a colonoscopy. My mom's twin brother has colon cancer so it is very important to us to make sure we all get checked regularly. They found some polyps so they are going to test those for cancer. Prayers to make sure those are benign.

Hopefully I will get better about blogging.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Twin's Birthday

Yesterday I went with DH to my cousin's house to celebrate the 1st birthday of Brody and Gavin. Never in my life have I seen so many presents for two precious lil boys.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long time no post...I know

Sorry for my absence. Work has been super busy.

However, this past weekend I spent the weekend with my sorority sisters back in Raleigh for our 3rd Annual Founders Day Retreat.

We started Friday night with dinner at Carolina Ale House in Cary, then Saturday we tailgated at the NCSU/Duke game...the game sucked but it rocked to be back in Carter-Finley watching my PACK play, then out on the town with the sisters to The Busy Bee and then to White Collar Crime.

Love my sisters! Can't wait til next year!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tragedy on a Tragic Day

Today on a day of mourning across the nation, my family and friends of the family are mourning the death of a former employer and great business man. Skipper Beck crashed his plane in Rock Hill, SC today shortly after take off around 7:50 this morning. He was the only one onboard the single engine plane. My heart goes out to his family. They say you should always think of the fond memories you have of someone when they fondest memory of Mr. Beck is the year I was in Girl Scout's was at cookie time when Skipper purchased 50 boxes of the lemon cookies from me.

My heart also goes out to the familes of those loss during 9/11. I know at the time I was a sophomore in college at NC State and woke up to a sister at the sorority house banging on my door telling me that the towers have been hit and that my big sister was on her way over. You see, my big sister's real little sister worked in Tower 2 and as soon as Tower 1 was hit she left and no one had heard from her. We all gathered at the house that afternoon to learn that many of 60 sisters lost family and loved ones. It was daunting on how at a school in NC could be so severely affected by the tragedy. My sorority of around 60 at the time had 6 or 7 people lost in total between the towers collapsing and the plane crashes. Today is a day to mourn but also a day to celebrate and remember.

God Bless

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just another Saturday afternoon

With me and my two lovely furbabies...Pixie and Puck.

I spent the morning and early afternoon with my mother shopping. Where I picked up a lovely lime green and white tunic to wear to my cousin's backyard wedding next week. I also scored a fantabulous sale on a Ralph Lauren white and black diagonal striped skirt for $32...regularly $130.

Since I got home I have finished up book 4 of the Vampire Diaries and have started DH's laundry as a surprise to him...he likes to do his own laundry but I thought I would be a "good wife" and take care of it for him.

I cleaned the bathrooms and scrubbed the kitchen sink. Once DH calls and says he's leaving work I will start dinner. Yes I am "that" wife that likes to have dinner on the table when her hubby gets home.

Tomorrow is cleaning...which it being the beginning of the month means we go through and do a thorough cleaning of closets, refrigerator and all baseboards and such.

Oh well...Pixie is demanding attention and the Princess is to be obeyed. Haha

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Well last night DH and I went to the Carolina Panthers game with our best friends E and A. The game blew...seriously it was a Steelers home game that was played in Charlotte.

In other football Pack lost last night also. But I have to say it was way better than last years score of 34-0...this year we showed up and had a 7-3 loss.

Today I spent most of the day waiting for my boss to leave so I could go home. With only around 4 hours of sleep due to the game and traffic, I had an exhausting I left around 3:45 and had to turn around and go pick up DH at 6. Traffic was horrible due to an 8 car pile up on I-85, they kept telling people to detour and the detour they had came right my between the wreck (which I do know that one person was seriously injured and I pray God that they are going to get better) and the Lil Wayne concert...traffic in my town was a nightmare.

So home with the DH and the precious furbabies and their weekly bath...this is always a two-person job due to the fact they are small and slippery. I usually end up drenched and DH barely has a drop on him...only because Pixie and Puck will only let me bathe them.

Tomorrow I am off to shop with my mom...Saturdays are usually the days I spend with my mom. Its our time. I am an only child and for a long time she was a single my mom and I are extremely close and best friends.

DH is the best...I make dinner and he cleans the kitchen. He really doesn't understand how much I appreciate it. I love my hubby. And our anniversary is coming up. We've been married for almost 1 year. For some this isn't a big milestone...but I look at each year as a big milestone...divorce is too easy nowadays. I looked up my family history from the time they came over from Beligum (about 150 years ago) to present day...and well...its pretty much a running tradition of divorce for that long...I am determined that this is one family tradition I will NOT take part in. So each year is another year I can smile and look at my loving hubby and say...look we are defying the odds. He thinks this idea is ridiculous and that I have a "morbid" view on marriage...but coming from a history of a divorcing family and growing up for a long time in a single parent household and then in blended learn to view things different.

Okay so this has become a very random post, but during the week I am really tired by the time I get home and haven't had time to blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Week Recap

Well this week was super busy at work...getting a lot done. Can't complain in this economy, I'm thankful to have a job that keeps me busy. Taking my car in tomorrow morning for a oil change and then working on making my slipcover. Spending the evening with the hubby watching Watchmen and Fast and Furious.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long time no blog

Well yes its been awhile since my last blog and that is because blogger got blocked at my office. And I would blog in the morning before I officially clocked in and after work while waiting on the DH to get off work (since we carpool). By the time we get home and take care of our two adorable furbabies and get dinner done...I am exhausted and its my bed time.

Even today I went into work to get some stuff done...while no one was around. Got so much done it was great.

Currently my precious Pixie and Puck are watching Mamma Mia! while mommy blogs and makes dinner while switching laundry around.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anniversary Traditions

Okay maybe its a tradition that doesn't hold now but I still think that the Anniversary Gift tradition is one that I want to adopt with Mr. Wright.


Traditional Anniversary Gift: Paper
Modern Anniversary Gift: Plastic/Clock
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Travel Gift Certificate, Airline Tickets

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Cotton
Modern Anniversary Gift: Cotton/China
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Beach Towels for Beach Vacation

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Leather
Modern Anniversary Gift: Crystal/Glass
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Luggage

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Flowers
Modern Anniversary Gift: Linen/Silk
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Lingerie, Hawaiian Vacation

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Wood
Modern Anniversary Gift: Silverware
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Airline Tickets, Cruise

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Candy
Modern Anniversary Gift: Iron
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Hershey, PA, Disney World, FL

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Copper
Modern Anniversary Gift: Wool/Brass
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Santa Fe, NM, Canada

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Bronze
Modern Anniversary Gift: Appliance
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Casino Visit

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Pottery
Modern Anniversary Gift: Leather
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Mexico

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Tin
Modern Anniversary Gift: Aluminum
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: South America

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Steel
Modern Anniversary Gift: Jewelry
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: New York City

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Silk
Modern Anniversary Gift: Linen/Pearl
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Japan

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Lace
Modern Anniversary Gift: Textiles
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: France

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Ivory
Modern Anniversary Gift: Gold
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Africa

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Crystal
Modern Anniversary Gift: Glass/Watches
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Switzerland, Austria

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! I'm now 28. Really no different than 27 except now I'm 2 years closer to 30...yay...its sad you can't note the sarcasm in a blog.

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Menu Plan Monday

Its Menu Plan Monday again at the Organizing Junkie so here is the Wright's menu for the week

Menu Plan

Monday: Dinner out for Mrs. Wright's birthday

Tuesday: Buttermilk Fried Chicken w/ Coleslaw and green beans

Wednesday: Sausage and Cheese Rotini w/ salad

Thursday: Leftover buffett

Friday: All American Burgers with fries

Saturday: Polynesian Glazed Meatballs

Sunday: Creamy Chicken Macaroni

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I do believe exhaustion is setting in or the fact that I will be 28 this coming Monday has me depressed.

Mr. Wright made the mistake of saying along the lines that he couldn't wait til my 40th birthday to get me good for getting older...I told him its not my 40th I'm worried about...its my 30th!

I have felt like I have had an impending migraine all day and haven't felt like being productive.

Mr. Wright is being super sweet and picking up dinner so I can eat and go to bed.

I love my hubby!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is DH's 27th birthday...which means for five days him and I get to be the same age

Then its my turn and I get to be a year older..well it could be worse.

Happy birthday Hubby!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Southern Traditions

I read this morning on Her Southern Charm her post regarding Southern Traditions...this is a topic in my household that comes up frequently. I was born and raised in the South, however my lovely hubby was born in Florida and moved to NC, and although he has lived most of his in the South (sorry but Florida is not "Southern"), his family is mainly mid-western (Ohio) and from Canada. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but there have been some things I have had to explain that I never would have even thought I'd have to.

Visiting is a term I have had to explain to the DH. He gets antsy sometimes and doesn't get that when you go to see have to stay awhile for it to not appear rude. I don't know if this was just the way I was raised or if others follow that train of thought too.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Continuing to Organize my Life

So I have started to take a lot of the ideas from those blogs on here that I read on organizing my life such as

Well...after stumbing across Nannygoat's blog about 30 Meals, I decided to give it a try. It has helped tremendously with cutting our shopping expenses and cutting out the waste that usually occurs with buying things we don't need because we don't end up eating it.

I used Nannygoats's 30 Meals grocery shopping list idea to help out with my planning.

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Weekend Recap

Well this past weekend, I spent Saturday shopping with my lovely mother at Concord Mills, it was not as pack as we had thought it would be. I love my mother, she's the best. She took me out birthday shopping (since my birthday is next Monday). I got 2 new pairs of shoes and a bunch of new shirts and some money. I've always had pretty low-key birthdays with just me and my mom. She was a single mother from the time I was 2 until I was 10, so her and I have an extra special bond. She still calls me at 4:21 pm every August 17, the time I was born and my birthday.

Yesterday...the DH and I went through our Sunday chores fairly easily. And then we went to see a local wrestling event for DH's birthday (which is this Wed.)

Besides that I just read two books to finish up a series I had been reading.

So exhausted now.

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Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Italian Pork Chops, squash casserole and asaparagus

Tuesday: Baked Fried Chicken, homemade coleslaw

Wednesday: Dinner out for DH's birthday

Thursday: Leftover buffett

Friday: Beer Shrimp

Saturday: Bobby's Baked Tilapia with mashed potato casserole

Sunday: Dinner at the parents for birthdays

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutest Dog Competition
Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

Vote for my former roommate and niece

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Day today....ahhhhhhhhhh

Seriously, one word to describe my day today is...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I'm exhausted. We got new copy machines at work today and you would like new would equal better...nope, wrong! These new machines are a thorn in my side.

I'm ready to go home but I have to wait for DH to get off work (we car pool to and from work) so I can go home and make dinner, relax finally and spend some quality time.

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First Attempt at Making a Slip Cover

Well I received my fabric yesterday from Pottery Barn, the Logan Ticking Stripe fabric.

I bought 5 yards, hopefully that will be enough to make a slip cover for our settee

I will take pictures as I begin this task and update with my progress, failures and accomplishments.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Re-organizing my life

So after reading through tons of blogs...I stumbled across Jen's blog at and saw her Schedule. I am a schedule person...just ask anyone that was in my bridal party. But I had yet to find a schedule that I could work with on a daily basis. After stumbling across and reading Jen's blog...I felt inspired by her to use her schedule as a "template" for my own life. Even though Jen's a housewife (ah my dream job), I knew that there was a way for me to incorporate it into my own daily life and make it run more smoothly.

And while reading other blogs and advice articles in BHG and Southern Living, I had decided to make out a monthly menu for the DH and I, and a grocery list.

So yesterday I clipped my coupons and went through the Harris Teeter circular and made my list and took off for the Sunday ritual most wives and moms shopping.

I was so proud of myself by making my menu and list according to what was on sale and couponed, I only spend $98 on a month's worth of groceries (no this doesn't include meats...well only London Broil because it was BOGO Free); so today after work I will hit up BJ's Wholesale Wearhouse and stock up on my meats for the month.

If I do this on a monthly basis, then DH and I are saving money due to eating healthier and eating at home...which means QT (quality time) together.

So when I returned I set to cleaning our condo using a cleaning guide I had found on BHG or Southern Living on how to make cleaning easier on you.

So our chores are as follows:

Daily Chores
Spray and wipe down countertops and range
Scrub kitchen sink and dry out
Take out trash

End of Week Duties
Strip bed linens
Do laundry
Put laundry away
Dust house
Clean bathrooms
Vacuum carpets
Spray and wipe down countertops and range
Scrub kitchen sink and dry out
Take out trash
Mop floors
Clean the exteriors of appliances
Wipe refrigerator door
Clean all mirrors

End of Month Duties
Wipe down cabinet doors
Clean the oven
Clean out refrigerator
Wipe down baseboards
Wash/clean all doors and windows

And yesterday it was nice we were done with everything by 4pm; just in time to take a nap and rest together and while DH was napping I made brownies and dinner.

Life was good yesterday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Reading List

Well I was inspired by a fellow blogger (Mrs. Ashley) to start my own reading list. The link is on the side bar of this page. Please feel free to let me know of any good books you have come across.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another day another dollar

Well, life has been chaotic lately with everything going on in our lives...deciding not to sell and move, my dad's surgery, my uncle's cancer...other than that my life is get up go to work, come home make dinner, read some of a book and go to bed.

Anyone have any ideas on ways to make my life not so dull?

We are currently working on paying off all debts...well mainly DH's debt. My mom offered him $1500 to pay on his credit card if he would come over and clean out their gutters. Keep in mind this is no small task. My parents have a 4000+ sq ft home that has a steep 2 story roof, but he needs this money to pay on his card. Other than that...we are almost done with paying off our laptop only roughly 2 more payments and then we will be paying off the Pottery Barn sofa. Then back to the only debt we will have is his credit card and our mortgage.

I promise to post pictures soon of the things I've done to the condo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on Dad

Well my dad is doing as well as can be expected, he's recovering in the hospital and is anxious to get out. I promised him once he can eat a full meal again I will make him his favorite, hamburgers!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well today my dad has kidney surgery. He currently has the largest kidney stone in the state of NC. He has baffled doctors completely. But today they will either get the stone out or take his kidney. I am currently at work and he's about to go into surgery in 4 minutes. Needless to say I have been edgy and jumpy all morning because I am scared for him. I will update later once I hear any news.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, DH decided we would wait to buy a house...needless to say I am not too thrilled. So I decided we would cut back on frivolous expenses, I cut out the landline phone, cut back on the satellite (no one needs 5000 channels), and cut my cell phone bill in half.

Well yesterday my mother called and gave me some not so great news. Her twin (my uncle) has been battling colon cancer for years...they gave him a 5-10 year window on it and he's reaching 10 years this year...well he went to his chemotherapy doctor yesterday and they found something on his lungs, its not big enough yet to biopsy it so they will wait 3 months and he'll go back for a PET scan and biopsy.

Well also on a happier note, my birthday is coming up and well since we are saving money, I am asking for only one thing, Blue Rhapsody Pleated Tote

but should anyone need to know what to get me...yes this time I actually know what I want, instead of the usual "I don't know" answer, I am addicted to some of the movies from The Hallmark Movie Channel

Its the Love Comes Softly Saga DVDs

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I left work yesterday around 3:30 because that's when the air repair company called and told me there was a tech in my area and they'd be there in the next 30-45 mins. So I rush home and take the dogs out and rush back in and make sure the air conditioner is off (so it doesn't freeze) and wait...and wait...and wait...and wait. An hour and a half after they called the nice repair man knocked on my door, and about $350 and an hour later we finally have air! It got up to 85 in my normally kept at 68 due to DH's cigar's, poor pups were panting their lil hearts out laying by the screen door because we had a slight breeze going due to the opened door and the overhead fan. I did think I was going to have to put my baby Pixie in an ice bath to cool her down...she's a Shih-tzu/Maltese mix and she DOES NOT like heat. Finally she started to cool down and my lil man Puck (mini rat terrier) cooled down and I made spaghetti and meatballs for my Scilian DH. Tonight I am going to dinner with my wonderful Alpha Phi sisters that are in the area...we try to do this once a month or so and meet around Northlake Mall area because it tends to be in the middle of where everyone is.

So sleepy...I want another stay-cation where I can do nothing but sleep for a week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Air's out!

So the DH and I get home from 2 of our closest friends and the air is out...thankfully it must have gone out after the sun went down, but first day back to work after my stay-cation and I have to leave early to meet with the repair man to fix our air conditioner!

DH and I are continuing our house search this weekend with a lovely 1.5 story home in Indian Land, SC

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Flowers

Well I'm normally not a green thumb person, but I thought I would give it another I planted a bunch of wild flowers, some forget-me-nots, dahlias, ivy, hosta, and basil.

Well they are actually growing and I can't wait for a a yard to do more planting than just pots on the balcony.