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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tragedy on a Tragic Day

Today on a day of mourning across the nation, my family and friends of the family are mourning the death of a former employer and great business man. Skipper Beck crashed his plane in Rock Hill, SC today shortly after take off around 7:50 this morning. He was the only one onboard the single engine plane. My heart goes out to his family. They say you should always think of the fond memories you have of someone when they fondest memory of Mr. Beck is the year I was in Girl Scout's was at cookie time when Skipper purchased 50 boxes of the lemon cookies from me.

My heart also goes out to the familes of those loss during 9/11. I know at the time I was a sophomore in college at NC State and woke up to a sister at the sorority house banging on my door telling me that the towers have been hit and that my big sister was on her way over. You see, my big sister's real little sister worked in Tower 2 and as soon as Tower 1 was hit she left and no one had heard from her. We all gathered at the house that afternoon to learn that many of 60 sisters lost family and loved ones. It was daunting on how at a school in NC could be so severely affected by the tragedy. My sorority of around 60 at the time had 6 or 7 people lost in total between the towers collapsing and the plane crashes. Today is a day to mourn but also a day to celebrate and remember.

God Bless

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just another Saturday afternoon

With me and my two lovely furbabies...Pixie and Puck.

I spent the morning and early afternoon with my mother shopping. Where I picked up a lovely lime green and white tunic to wear to my cousin's backyard wedding next week. I also scored a fantabulous sale on a Ralph Lauren white and black diagonal striped skirt for $32...regularly $130.

Since I got home I have finished up book 4 of the Vampire Diaries and have started DH's laundry as a surprise to him...he likes to do his own laundry but I thought I would be a "good wife" and take care of it for him.

I cleaned the bathrooms and scrubbed the kitchen sink. Once DH calls and says he's leaving work I will start dinner. Yes I am "that" wife that likes to have dinner on the table when her hubby gets home.

Tomorrow is cleaning...which it being the beginning of the month means we go through and do a thorough cleaning of closets, refrigerator and all baseboards and such.

Oh well...Pixie is demanding attention and the Princess is to be obeyed. Haha

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Well last night DH and I went to the Carolina Panthers game with our best friends E and A. The game blew...seriously it was a Steelers home game that was played in Charlotte.

In other football Pack lost last night also. But I have to say it was way better than last years score of 34-0...this year we showed up and had a 7-3 loss.

Today I spent most of the day waiting for my boss to leave so I could go home. With only around 4 hours of sleep due to the game and traffic, I had an exhausting I left around 3:45 and had to turn around and go pick up DH at 6. Traffic was horrible due to an 8 car pile up on I-85, they kept telling people to detour and the detour they had came right my between the wreck (which I do know that one person was seriously injured and I pray God that they are going to get better) and the Lil Wayne concert...traffic in my town was a nightmare.

So home with the DH and the precious furbabies and their weekly bath...this is always a two-person job due to the fact they are small and slippery. I usually end up drenched and DH barely has a drop on him...only because Pixie and Puck will only let me bathe them.

Tomorrow I am off to shop with my mom...Saturdays are usually the days I spend with my mom. Its our time. I am an only child and for a long time she was a single my mom and I are extremely close and best friends.

DH is the best...I make dinner and he cleans the kitchen. He really doesn't understand how much I appreciate it. I love my hubby. And our anniversary is coming up. We've been married for almost 1 year. For some this isn't a big milestone...but I look at each year as a big milestone...divorce is too easy nowadays. I looked up my family history from the time they came over from Beligum (about 150 years ago) to present day...and well...its pretty much a running tradition of divorce for that long...I am determined that this is one family tradition I will NOT take part in. So each year is another year I can smile and look at my loving hubby and say...look we are defying the odds. He thinks this idea is ridiculous and that I have a "morbid" view on marriage...but coming from a history of a divorcing family and growing up for a long time in a single parent household and then in blended learn to view things different.

Okay so this has become a very random post, but during the week I am really tired by the time I get home and haven't had time to blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.

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