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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Well last night DH and I went to the Carolina Panthers game with our best friends E and A. The game blew...seriously it was a Steelers home game that was played in Charlotte.

In other football Pack lost last night also. But I have to say it was way better than last years score of 34-0...this year we showed up and had a 7-3 loss.

Today I spent most of the day waiting for my boss to leave so I could go home. With only around 4 hours of sleep due to the game and traffic, I had an exhausting I left around 3:45 and had to turn around and go pick up DH at 6. Traffic was horrible due to an 8 car pile up on I-85, they kept telling people to detour and the detour they had came right my between the wreck (which I do know that one person was seriously injured and I pray God that they are going to get better) and the Lil Wayne concert...traffic in my town was a nightmare.

So home with the DH and the precious furbabies and their weekly bath...this is always a two-person job due to the fact they are small and slippery. I usually end up drenched and DH barely has a drop on him...only because Pixie and Puck will only let me bathe them.

Tomorrow I am off to shop with my mom...Saturdays are usually the days I spend with my mom. Its our time. I am an only child and for a long time she was a single my mom and I are extremely close and best friends.

DH is the best...I make dinner and he cleans the kitchen. He really doesn't understand how much I appreciate it. I love my hubby. And our anniversary is coming up. We've been married for almost 1 year. For some this isn't a big milestone...but I look at each year as a big milestone...divorce is too easy nowadays. I looked up my family history from the time they came over from Beligum (about 150 years ago) to present day...and well...its pretty much a running tradition of divorce for that long...I am determined that this is one family tradition I will NOT take part in. So each year is another year I can smile and look at my loving hubby and say...look we are defying the odds. He thinks this idea is ridiculous and that I have a "morbid" view on marriage...but coming from a history of a divorcing family and growing up for a long time in a single parent household and then in blended learn to view things different.

Okay so this has become a very random post, but during the week I am really tired by the time I get home and haven't had time to blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.

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