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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, DH decided we would wait to buy a house...needless to say I am not too thrilled. So I decided we would cut back on frivolous expenses, I cut out the landline phone, cut back on the satellite (no one needs 5000 channels), and cut my cell phone bill in half.

Well yesterday my mother called and gave me some not so great news. Her twin (my uncle) has been battling colon cancer for years...they gave him a 5-10 year window on it and he's reaching 10 years this year...well he went to his chemotherapy doctor yesterday and they found something on his lungs, its not big enough yet to biopsy it so they will wait 3 months and he'll go back for a PET scan and biopsy.

Well also on a happier note, my birthday is coming up and well since we are saving money, I am asking for only one thing, Blue Rhapsody Pleated Tote

but should anyone need to know what to get me...yes this time I actually know what I want, instead of the usual "I don't know" answer, I am addicted to some of the movies from The Hallmark Movie Channel

Its the Love Comes Softly Saga DVDs

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