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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Day

Not sure if anyone in my family reads this but today has been one of the worst days of my life to date. It all started with a phone call from my mother telling me she is on the way to my Grannys house because they think that one of my cousin's is dead. On top of the fact that is mother was in the hospital a few days ago due to the fact she took too many aspirin and it caused her lungs to stop pumping oxygen to her brain and started making her go nuts. Not only does my mom tell me this but also the other day when I had asked her about the results of my uncle's (her twin) PET scan results,she had lied to me telling me that he was fine and that his colon cancer hadn't spread and the spot on his lung wasn't cancer, turns out his cancer has now spread to his lungs and liver. So in the spread of one phone call I felt so just so...I don't know if I can explain it. I love my family. Growing up as an only child, I spent lots of time with my aunts, uncles and cousins. I really don't know how to distinguish them from like brothers and sisters. Well having to be there while we waited to here something is nerve wracking. On top of that waiting to break the news to my younger cousin about hr brother broke my heart. I love this girl as if she were a true sister and to see her hurting nearly killed me. Finally we got the news that her brother was in stable condition and breathing on his on. Although he is not completely out of the woods yet. I just ask that whoever reads this to make sure you never take a moment for granted with those you love, family or friends. If there's a lesson to be learned today it is just to love one another and that each day we have to spend with those we love is a gift.

Mrs. Wright

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