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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pin Curls and Prison

well Jail but alliteration people. A younger cousin of mine is finally where he belongs...behind bars. And I am extremely proud of his sister for being the one to call the police on him. He had 2 warrants out for his arrest and then he stole his sister's car...AGAIN...and was at a drug dealer's house and she had him arrested. This after he almost died the other weekend from mixing alcohol and anti-depressants. Good riddance. I hate to be that way but, can only be so supportive for so long, after that it gets to a point where it just needs to end. My poor lil cousin (the female) also had to send her mother to the hospital after and overdose on some kind of medication, I am assuming Xanax. She told the hospital what her mother had done and walked away and out of the hospital. I just want to stand up and applaud my cousin for finally washing her hands of this situation. I understand loving your family and all that but seriously there has to be a line, and she finally drew it and has walked away from her bad influence of a mother and brother. This cousin of mine is a walking, talking, electrial engineering genius. She's currently finishing up her Masters in some kind of electrical engineering research with a possibility of continuing on to obtain her Ph.D. She has a 4.0 GPA and works her butt off at school. I am so proud of her for all of her accomplishments.

On to other matters...I got in touch with my Vintage side last night after my Cardio Boxing work out and shower, and rag-rolled my hair. Hubby just stared as I rolled my hair...he'd never seen that before, wrapped it up with my bandana/scarf...and this morning unrolled it and then pieced it out and pinned it back. I got tons of compliments. Also my new hat arrived today. I will take pictures and post them from the bridal shower I am attending this weekend for one of my best friends.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day. The weather here today was fabulous and such a refreshing day after the freezing temperatures we have had.

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