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Monday, August 3, 2009

Re-organizing my life

So after reading through tons of blogs...I stumbled across Jen's blog at and saw her Schedule. I am a schedule person...just ask anyone that was in my bridal party. But I had yet to find a schedule that I could work with on a daily basis. After stumbling across and reading Jen's blog...I felt inspired by her to use her schedule as a "template" for my own life. Even though Jen's a housewife (ah my dream job), I knew that there was a way for me to incorporate it into my own daily life and make it run more smoothly.

And while reading other blogs and advice articles in BHG and Southern Living, I had decided to make out a monthly menu for the DH and I, and a grocery list.

So yesterday I clipped my coupons and went through the Harris Teeter circular and made my list and took off for the Sunday ritual most wives and moms shopping.

I was so proud of myself by making my menu and list according to what was on sale and couponed, I only spend $98 on a month's worth of groceries (no this doesn't include meats...well only London Broil because it was BOGO Free); so today after work I will hit up BJ's Wholesale Wearhouse and stock up on my meats for the month.

If I do this on a monthly basis, then DH and I are saving money due to eating healthier and eating at home...which means QT (quality time) together.

So when I returned I set to cleaning our condo using a cleaning guide I had found on BHG or Southern Living on how to make cleaning easier on you.

So our chores are as follows:

Daily Chores
Spray and wipe down countertops and range
Scrub kitchen sink and dry out
Take out trash

End of Week Duties
Strip bed linens
Do laundry
Put laundry away
Dust house
Clean bathrooms
Vacuum carpets
Spray and wipe down countertops and range
Scrub kitchen sink and dry out
Take out trash
Mop floors
Clean the exteriors of appliances
Wipe refrigerator door
Clean all mirrors

End of Month Duties
Wipe down cabinet doors
Clean the oven
Clean out refrigerator
Wipe down baseboards
Wash/clean all doors and windows

And yesterday it was nice we were done with everything by 4pm; just in time to take a nap and rest together and while DH was napping I made brownies and dinner.

Life was good yesterday.

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Justin and Jenn said...

Wow- I love that idea! I love schedules and organization, so that is right up my ally!